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lady gaga +the artpop era

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EAU DE GAGA: For the adventurous woman and the man who loves her

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A snippet of ‘PARTYNAUSEOUS’ that was performed at the artRAVE last night.

I,I want to come and make peace with you
but they won’t let me, no, they won’t let me through
I don’t mind if they a-arrest me
'cause I'm wearing my Versace

Why can’t we just, put on a smile
and a buzz buzz buzz buzz
We all might be sick
Whether it’s at first or after a few drinks
we’re gonna unite, don’t they?

We’re currently set from the East
I’m from Jakarta-a-a
We PARTYNAUSEOUS ‘cause I seem to problem with ya
We’re currently set from the West
My name is Lady Gaga
We PARTYNAUSEOUS ‘cause I seem to problem with ya

Nod, if you wanna be high with the enemy
It’s a test, are you proud enough? Do your best 
Nod, if you wanna make love with the enemy
On and off, fingers on the wrong town tonight.

Now jump!

In a way exhausting
with problem solving
Drink ‘till she’s attractive 
coming from diplomatic e-e-elastic
Making that peace attractive

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Katie Vernon

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